3/8 vs 1/2 Impact Wrench, What are the main differences?

An impact wrench is a tool that delivers forces to tighten and loosen or remove bolts, screws, lug nuts, and rusted fasteners. There are three main types of Impact wrenches manufactured. The most common source of power for an impact wrench is made of compressed air, but you can also find electrical power or battery-operated cordless versions everywhere. Impact wrench brands include Total Brand, Jetech Brand, Yato Brand, Ingco Brand, Deawlt Brand, etc. 

The impact wrench comes in different sizes and designs and with various dimensions to work accurately. But, the user chooses between 3/8 vs 1/2 inch impact wrenche. But which one comes first? If you have compared with the differences, you can choose easily.

3/8 Impact Wrench

3/8 inches impact wrenches are smaller size but give more precise output. It works accurately in any given area. You can also used it in tight places. Such wrenches are made of more convenient design and varied dimensions that users can take with anyone they want. They come at the low price with all the specialties and are perfect for indoor work.

1/2 Impact Wrench

1/2 inches impact wrenches are so big as the manufacturers made them at large and wide dimensions. So you have to work with it in an open area. But, of course, it is ready to help you do your job perfectly. This wrench comes in heavy but the compatible form makes it slightly more costly than the other one.

The Comparison Table of 3/8 vs 1/2 inch impact wrench

Though the wrenches are known for their size, it’s not only the differences between the 3/8 and 1/2 impact wrenches. There are more differences in features like price, power, anvil, bulk, and torque output which play a great role in deciding to buy impact wrenches. We can consider them by describing more, but let’s have a quick comparison in a table.

DimensionComes with varietyComes in variety 
PowerLess PowerfulMore Powerful
UseTighter PlacesRoomy Places
Torque Output350-6001000
PrecisionMore PrecisionLess Precision
Best in ProductsM12 FUEL STUBBY 1/2″, Cordless DEWALT 20V, Max XR, Cordless

Have not selected any one of 3/8 or 1/2 Impact Wrench?

If you are still hesitant to select any of those, let’s go for a detailed comparison.


The wrenches come in different lengths and widths. So the weights also vary. As these are becoming popular with users, the branded companies are making various impact wrenches with different sizes and designs. But, when you consider the brands, be sure of what size wrench you want. Because the 1/2 wrench manufactured with a higher dimension is larger than the 3/8 wrench.


As the dimension varies for both wrenches, so do the structure and different designs. But the anvil bulk is smaller for 3/8 wrench while the 1/2 has the bigger one.

Job category

Remember, before finalizing any kinds of wrenches, to be sure to consider what types of work you will do with these wrenches. If it is for your house, a 3/8 wrench will be fine, because it is convenient for tight places. But if it is for outside, you can also consider the 1/2 wrenches, as it is convenient for open space.


As the structure varies, it results in the differentiation of the power of the wrenches. The 1/2 wrench is more powerful than the 3/8 wrenches.

Torque output

The torque output can be the final call for you to make a decision. Because the torque output is the main feature you are looking for in any impact wrench. In consideration, you have to take 1/2 wrench because it has the higher powered torque with a counted 1000 ft-lbs when the 3/8 wrench has torque power up to 600 ft-lbs.


In terms of durability, the 1/2 wrench gets on the first line. It is strongest to deal with the tightening tools. It is more durable than the 3/8 wrench.


As per comparison, you think that 1/2 wrench is enough, but here comes a new consideration. The 1/2 wrench becomes second in the question of accuracy when the 3/8 wrench leads the deal. It,  instead of its small dimension and less torque output, works more precisely than the others.

You don’t want to ignore it!

We have been through the differences between the two specific wrenches. But if you want to differentiate more, you can have a break. Cause we don’t have to pay much consideration to these similarities while choosing the perfect impact wrench.

  • Comforting grip rubber handles
  • Compact and ergonomic structure
  • LED lights to enhance illumination in dark areas
  • Variable speed trigger.

Now, when you have gone through all the similarities and dissimilarities, you can have the final call for who can be your assistant. Because you have been studying through this and have all the differentiation. By gathering all the information, go for the 3/8 impact wrench if you have a low budget, work in doomy places, and want a less weighted wrench that will work precisely.

But, if also the torque output matters to you and you want to hold a powerful wrench for a long time, then I suggest you to go for the 1/2 impact wrench.

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