Bauer VS Earthquake Impact Wrench: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Whether removing bolts or attaching nuts, an impact wrench is always useful. However, many individuals find it difficult to select the best one, particularly when comparing the bauer vs earthquake impact wrench. Bauer and Earthquake are two popular power tool brands on the market. Both of their impact wrenches are powerful and durable.

With that being said, there are some noticeable differences between these two popular impact wrenches. After a lot of research, we have found those noticeable differences, including speed, torque, features, battery, and price. This comparison article will elaborately describe those crucial points, which will aid you in choosing the best one between them. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dig in.

Bauer VS Earthquake Impact Wrench: 5 Crucial Differences

In order to decide whether the Bauer impact wrench or the Earthquake impact wrench suits your work best, you need to know the differences between them. We have compiled 5 key differences between these two wrenches in the below guide. So, let’s quickly find them out.

Which Impact Wrench Has Better Speed?

When it comes to the device’s speed, the Bauer impact wrench has a maximum speed of 2600 RPM. This speed is high and suitable for an impact wrench. The majority of your daily tasks will be completed at this speed. The Bauer impact wrench is an ideal tool for regular household tasks and DIY projects. However, if you are a professional, Bauer’s speed could seem slow.

Yes, it might not perform well for high-end projects. We think that the Earthquake impact wrench’s maximum speed of 8000 rpm is a massive number. To complete the majority of your task, it’s enough. However, bolts and nuts could break due to the fast speed, which might not be good for everybody.

A Bauer impact wrench is easier to use. On the other hand, handling an Earthquake impact wrench calls for a more professional individual. So, in the case of speed, the earthquake impact wrench is the clear winner.

Battery Differences between Bauer and Earthquake Impact Wrench

The most notable difference between the Bauer impact wrench and the Earthquake impact wrench is the battery. Due to the usage of Hypermax lithium batteries, Bauer’s batteries have a longer lifespan and charge more quickly. The Bauer impact wrench’s battery type is li-ion, which is a common battery type that offers a long battery life. It also has a reasonably strong voltage of 20.

The battery capacity of the Bauer impact wrench is 1.5 Ah. However, batteries are not included when you buy this impact wrench. This is a drawback because these batteries can be expensive. However, as you can recharge these batteries, it can be viewed as a one-time expenditure. These batteries charge in just two to three hours, which is a reasonably quick period of time.

Batteries are not needed for the Earthquake impact wrench. The main source of power for this impact wrench is compressed air. Now, you might be wondering how it works. It works because the compressed air gives power to the internal hammer and spins the driver.

To do the work, it doesn’t depend on the inner motor. Nevertheless, it suggests that you will require a powerful air compressor to obtain the most out of the Earthquake impact wrench.

Comparison of Features between Bauer and Earthquake Impact Wrench

Features are an important point of comparison between these two impact wrenches. The features of the Bauer impact wrench and the Earthquake impact wrench make them suitable for your needs. Let’s take a look at both impact wrench’s features below:

Bauer Impact Wrench Features

  • The Bauer impact wrench comes with an 8.5 amperes powerful motor
  • It has a variable speed trigger feature for precision control
  • Comes with an all-metal gear structure for durability and longevity
  • This impact wrench has a powerful LED light that illuminates the workspace for better sight
  • It features a tough rubber nose and a lightweight high-impact housing
  • Comes with a 1/2-inch anvil with a strong hog ring for stable socket retention
  • The Bauer impact wrench has a simple one-handed forward or reverses switch
  • It features a textured overmold for a comfortable and secure grip

Earthquake Impact Wrench Features

  • The Earthquake impact wrench has a luminous LED light for improved visibility in low light
  • Comes with an extremely durable rubber overmold and a lightweight composite housing
  • This impact wrench has an ergonomic design that provides superior control and balance
  • It has a strong twin-hammer impact mechanism for high torque and low vibration
  • Comes with variable speed control with an electronic brake for versatility and control
  • A protective rubber jacket is included with this impact wrench to keep the tool protected and clean
  • The Earthquake impact wrench has a through-handle exhaust that is extremely quiet and keeps junk away from the operator

Though it was neck and neck between these two impact wrenches in terms of features, the Bauer impact wrench has slightly more features. So, the Bauer impact wrench is the winner in this section.

Bauer VS Earthquake Impact Wrench: Which One Has More Torque?

Now, let’s discuss the torques of these two impact wrenches. The Bauer impact wrench has a 1050 ft. lbs. breakaway torque. It’s a high-performance torque and it will simplify all of your difficult tasks. We believe that its torque is enough for any type of project. When removing tough jammed bolts and nuts, the Bauer impact wrench is useful.

Bauer claims that its impact wrench can remove the majority of head bolts and lug nuts with ease. The 1200 ft. lbs. breakaway torque of the Earthquake impact wrench sets it apart. Its specialty is lightning-fast removal.

This torque offers a method to finish difficult tasks more quickly. It might be quite typical for tasks that demand a lot of effort and take a lot of time. Therefore, in terms of torque, we can say that the Earthquake impact wrench is the undisputed winner.

Price Differentiation between Bauer and Earthquake Impact Wrench

Price is a vital component in choosing any product. Along with good features and high quality, the product needs to fit your budget as well. Bauer is well known for exporting tools to the market at cost-effective prices. Their impact wrenches prices ranges from $65 to $115.

On the other hand, the impact wrenches of Earthquake are quite expensive than those of Bauer. The price ranges of Earthquake impact wrenches are between $150 and $375. However, given that they use high-quality parts, this price is worth it. So, the winner in the price segment is none other than the Bauer impact wrench.

Bauer or Earthquake: Which One Should You Choose?

There is no question that both of these impact wrenches are high-quality power tools that you need in your toolbox. With that said, it’s quite clear that you’re searching for the concluding statement if you go back to the differentiation between the bauer vs earthquake impact wrench, isn’t it?

The Bauer impact wrench is, we suppose, ideal for people who work from home and perform various household tasks and DIY projects. Its features and functions make it a perfect impact wrench for use in a domestic setting. Also, the Bauer impact wrench has more features compared to the Earthquake. On the other hand, if we are talking about the Earthquake impact wrench, it is ideal for working professionals.

If you are making every effort to unscrew tough jammed nuts and bolts, go for it. Furthermore, if you are looking for higher speed, then the Earthquake impact wrench is the better option. However, if you are looking for an affordable option, then you should go for the Bauer impact wrench. Nevertheless, the final choice is yours, and we are hopeful that this article has helped you to make that choice.

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