7 AMP VS 11 AMP Grinder: The Ultimate Differentiation Guide

If you are interested in cars, the construction business, or metalworking, then you may be well-known with grinders. They are a very popular and useful power tool. Nowadays, a lot of individuals look for the best angle grinder online. They often review the product specs for their desired features and requirements. But frequently, they are puzzled about the range of amperes.

In a nutshell, an amp is a single unit of electrical current that is constant, while amperage refers to the force of that current. Simply put, an angle grinder that has more amps is more powerful, and consequently, a larger angle grinder will require more amps to operate properly.

So, if you are also confused about the range of amperes of a grinder, then check out this comparison article on the 7 amp vs 11 amp grinder. In this article, we will give you the info you require before choosing one of them. Here, we will also explain when you should get an 11 amp grinder or when to acquire a 7 amp grinder. The differences between these two types of grinders include RPM, motor, price, and more.

Comparison between a 7 AMP Grinder and an 11 AMP Grinder

There are many different types of grinders available today, each has its own features and advantages. These compact yet powerful tools have discs that can spin at extremely high speeds. These tools can accomplish a variety of tasks relying on the particular attachment or disc being utilized. These include polishing, grinding, cutting, deburring, and finishing metals.

There is a cordless DC grinder available on the market, but it’s not made for heavy-duty tasks. Grinders are typically available in the conventional 120 volts range on AC voltages. When it is about the ampere, you need to keep in mind a few things that are mandatory.

Those compulsory things will be discussed in the below 7 amp vs 11 amp grinder guide. This guide will help you to choose one of these two types of grinders.

RPM Differentiation between 7 AMP Grinder and 11 AMP Grinder

RPMcan be a crucial difference between a 7 amp grinder and an 11 amp grinder. In the case of no-load rotations per minute (RPM), 7 or 7.5 amperes grinders give you a maximum speed of 10,000 rotations per minute. On the other hand, 11 amperes grinders give you a maximum speed of about 11,000 rpm.

You will have better control over speed on some standard 11 amperes grinder versions. Thus, you will be able to decrease the speed to 7,500 rotations per minute. So, in terms of RPM, 11 amperes grinders win the battle.

Which Grinder Has A more Powerful Motor?

In general, a higher ampere means a stronger motor. Of course, a stronger motor will outlast a weaker motor in terms of lifespan. If you purchase a 7 amperes grinder and use it excessively, the motor may get damaged quickly.

However, if you only perform routine things, it might be alright. It is also true that you will get a more powerful motor with an 11 amperes grinder and it can withstand a lot of pressure. Therefore, it is clear that an 11 amperes grinder wins the race in terms of the motor.

Usage Comparison between 7 AMP Grinder and 11 AMP Grinder

A 7 amp grinder is considered a standard grinder. If you are only performing some work around your home, then it should do the work nicely. On the other hand, an 11 amp grinder is considered a larger grinder. It is perfect for some relatively heavy-duty work.

Size & Weight Differences between These Two Types of Grinders

Another key difference between these two types of grinders is size and weight. In general, the size of a 7 amperes angle grinder is mostly 4 inches. This type of grinder is very lightweight with its weight being 3.7 pounds to 4 pounds.

On the other hand, the size of an 11 amp angle grinder is generally 4-1/2 inches. Its weight is around 4 pounds to 5.5 pounds. A more powerful motor is the cause of this extra weight.

Differences in Power Delivery between 7 AMP Grinder and 11 AMP Grinder

Power delivery and consumption are the most important factors to think about when purchasing power tools. A 7 amperes grinder will use around 840 watts and provide roughly the same amount of power. While an 11 amperes grinder will consume 1320 watts of power and provide around the same amount of power.

When we discuss power tools, an acceptable power consumption rate is 840 watts. It is also perfect for chores around the house, home usage, and small tasks. But if you’re a pro, you need to perform difficult tasks. Then it is definitely not suitable.

In that situation, you need to get an 11 amperes grinder machine or one with a higher amp rating. One of the heavy-duty tasks that you can easily do with an 11 amperes grinder is grinding concrete. However, in the case of power delivery, an 11 amperes grinder again wins over a 7 amperes grinder.

7 AMP VS 11 AMP Grinder: Which Grinder is More Affordable?

Price is one of the most crucial differences between a 7 amp grinder and an 11 amp grinder. A 7 amp grinder is generally cheaper compared to an 11 amp grinder. The price of a 7 amp grinder ranges from $25 to $95. On the other hand, the price of an 11 amp grinder ranges from $90 to $110. So, an 11 amp grinder is the clear winner in this section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a 7 amperes grinder to cut aluminum?

Yes, you can do that. A 7 amperes grinder is a robust and powerful tool that is able to cut through a few of the hardest materials, including aluminum. Its individual and razor-sharp cutting blades, or grinding wheels, are what give it its special capacity. A 7 amperes grinder is good for regular household tasks. It delivers almost 840 watts of power, which is plenty for your grinder machine to cut aluminum.

How important are amps in an angle grinder?

Amperes are an important thing to consider in an angle grinder. The amount of power a grinder’s motor uses while operating is measured in amps, which reveals the motor’s power. If you frequently grind and cut thick hard metal items, you might want to think about getting a bigger, more powerful angle grinder, which has higher amps. Grinders can range from the common 5 or 6 amps to the highest 15 amps.

Can you sand concrete with your 11 amperes grinder?

Yes, you can easily sand concrete with your 11 amperes grinder. To sand concrete, you will not require that much power from a grinder, which you will get from an 11 amp grinder. Therefore, a standard 11 amp grinder is perfect for your household tasks and sanding concrete. In addition, an 11 amperes grinder is a very handy tool for grinding bricks, concrete, metal, and epoxy.

7 AMP or 11 AMP Grinder: Final Verdict

In this article, we have differentiated between a 7 amp grinder and an 11 amp grinder to show you that if you aren’t a pro, you may simply choose the smaller one, which is the 7 amp grinder. On the other hand, if you need to deal with heavy-duty tasks, an 11 amperes grinder has to be your first choice. An 11 amp grinder has more RPM, a more powerful motor, and delivers more power than a 7 amp grinder.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more lightweight and affordable option, then a 7 amp grinder is the way to go for you. All in all, an 11 amperes grinder wins the battle against a 7 amperes grinder. However, the final decision is yours and you need to take the final decision based on your needs.

We are hopeful that after reading this article on the 7 amp vs 11 amp grinder, you have taken that decision. Still, if you have any more queries regarding these two types of grinders, then the comment box is open for you.

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