How to Cut Clay Pipes With Angle Grinder; Step by Step Guide

Clay pipes, also known as Vitrified Clay Pipes (VCP), are the longest-lasting pipes. These pipes are made of blended clay. After setting clay into the pipe, these were subjected to high temperatures. It will be confirmed by the temperatures. It is used in sewer systems. Sometimes these pipes are blocked or get damaged hence it requires fixing or cutting out some parts of it. For cutting clay pipes angle grinders are one of top choice by professionals like us. So, how to cut clay pipes with angle grinder? Let’s find the in short blog.

Clay pipe cutting tools

With advanced products, you can cut pipes with various machinery. Band saw machines, screw chain cutters, and angle grinders are the most commonly used tools to cut clay pipes. But among them, an angle grinder is said to be the handsome one. Because it can cut these pipes thoroughly. But it can also sharpen the area. The best example is the “buy one, get one free” deal. So, we will go with it.

Tools needed to cut clay pipes

Tools are the most important feature whenever you are doing any materialistic work. Because an average tool will help you do the job, but a perfect one makes it awesome. We mainly need two tools for this job.


To perform an exact cut, we will prepare the necessary tools. At first, we have to select the most adjusted cutter. As for the angle grinder, it is expensive. But being expensive makes it more valuable, as it will come with more dependable features. So, we can select that one with its pros and cons.


Then comes the Blades. The blades vary as these blades were made of many different metals. But, for pipe cutting, the diamond-cut blades are most suitable.

Now that you have selected the mandatory tools, you can look for subsidiary tools that will ease your job and help you take precautionary measures.

Secondary tools

These tools will assist you in the job. Though you think these tools are secondary according to this job, they are just as important to prepare you for excellence in a job.

  • Pencil/marker- to mark the line.
  • Measurement tape: to measure the required amount.
  • Sandpaper is used to clear the edges.
  • Protective gear (gloves, eye protection glasses, a dust mask)

The ways to make cutting remarkable

The cutting process to cut clay pipes with angle grinder is so simple. You can take any grinder by hand and have a good cut on your clay pipes. But let’s take some precautions while choosing the right angle grinder to clear the edges. After all, all projects need some cautionary management.

Step 1: Choosing the right angle grinder There are various kinds of angle grinders in the marketplace. Of course, they all have some extra features and similarities. But, with a skeptical mind, we will buy the exact one we need. For that, we can buy from Milwaukee or Dewalt.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Blade As we have said before, you can use a stone cutter disc. But the diamond-cut blade is perfect for such pipes. And for such work, the TD10 Diamond Blade is fitting.

Step 3: Set the pipes: Set the pipes in an open area where you can move your hand. Again, select the steady place.

Step 4: Measuring and marking Take the measuring tape and point out the required measurement. Then you can mark it with a pencil or marker pen for the next step.

Step 5: Cutting with a grinder: We have set our pipe and measured the required point. Now, adjust the blade with the grinder and start cutting at the marked point. But you have to put pressure on the pipe to make it steady.

Step 6: You have to set many passes to cut the pipe. Because the pipes are wider in structure and take up a lot of space inside them. The blades cannot cut thoroughly over one another.

Step 7: Clear the edges: Every cut will leave some sharp edges at the cutting point. You will have to get sandpaper to clear them.


Every job is easy if you can do it without hurting yourself. But there are certain risks for every job. So, we have to take some precautionary measures to avoid such incidents. Such as:

  1. Never forget to wear eye and hand protective gear. Safety comes first.
  2. Take a stable measurement tape. It will help you measure the pipes accordingly.
  3. Put on pressure, just as necessary, to have settled pipes. Too much pressure will break them.
  4. Cut through the exact point.
  5. Use sandpaper to remove the sharp edge.
  6. Never forget to carry a toolbox so that when you complete your job, you can put the tools in the toolbox immediately. It will detain from any accidents.

Before you leave

Your words are here. These seven steps are the core of cutting the pipes with a grinder. But you have to choose a diamond blade to do it properly. Remember to take safety measures.

All the best.

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