How to Cut Rebar With Angle Grinder

You can find many metals for your concrete applications, but I bet nothing can compare to rebar.

Rebar is a reinforcing metal bar made of steel. In reinforced concrete and masonry structures, the rebars are commonly used as a tensioning device to hold the concrete. However, because it is easily formed, rebar has gained popularity in metal crafts. Rebar is intended for use in applications involving concrete. Such a kind of metal increases the tensile strength of concrete. There are different types of rebar, just as there are different types of cutting tools such as angle grinder. So, how to cut rebar with angle grinder in an efficient way? Let’s find out.

Rebar Cutting Tools

You can find different cutting tools on the market. In previous eras, people cut with a manual cutter. But as we live in new time phases, the tools are now in an upgraded form. So now we can use electrical cutters. These also are found in several forms, such as circular saws, band saws, bolt cutters, hydraulic cutters, rebar, rod, pipe and tubing saws, cutoff saws, angle grinders, etc. But we will use the most demandable and effective.

Tools to cut rebar

We need more strong tools to cut the rebar. Because the rebar itself is a hard metal, though we can cut it with a hacksaw, it takes so much time to perform its job. But the angle grinder is the perfect one.

Angle Grinder

Among the cutting tools, we have chosen the angle grinder to cut the rebar. Because this cutter has the most upgraded features, it will help us make an exact cut. The cutter can adjust to all the material needed after cutting, like polishing and sharpening the blade.


Secondly, we need to select a blade for the cut. Carbide-tipped metal or diamond-grit blades are most useful for cutting steel. But we cannot use all of them. So, let us stick to one—carbide-tipped blades.

Because carbide tipped blades are the best for cutting metals like steel. These blades are so heat- and impact-resistant that they can cut strong steel metal thoroughly without any dispute.

But by choosing the blades, our tools are not done. We need more tools, like a pencil and measuring tape, to measure and mark the cutting line. And more tools like gloves, eye goggles, and dust masks are also needed for safety measures. And how can we forget about the sharpened area that will arise after the cut? The edges will need to be smoothed out with sandpaper.

But, if we have arranged all the tools, we can start the cutting process.

The ways to cut the rebar

We can start our job by taking precautionary steps. We have to wear gloves to protect our hands from any hand cuts. When the blade meets the steel, it produces fire and sparks. To protect the eyes from these sparks, we should wear goggles. And don’t forget to wear your dust mask to protect yourself from the dust cloud.

After taking precautionary action, we need to select the rebar that we will be cutting through. Let’s put the rebar straight, but not in the passageway. Grab the measurement tape, count the required measurement, and mark with the pencil or marker pen.

Now, we have to set the grinder. We will pick up the selected carbide-tipped blades and set them up with 

If we have gone through the above jobs, the last work is to take the grinder and have a cut at the marked line. You will use both hands to hold and move the grinder up and down.But you also have the rebars to hold. You can grab help from others or use a metal holder—whichever is preferable.

After cutting them into pieces, you have to smooth the edges as they will be sharp. You can use sanding or grit accessories to smooth the edges. By doing it, our job is done.

But we have to be careful at some point.


  • Whenever you grab the grinder, remember to use both hands. Because it can move with the power on.
  • Cut the pipes thoroughly. If possible, do it in one tap.
  • You should change the blade if you are making a small cut. It will be easier.
  • Use sandpaper or grit accessories to clear the edges.
  • Whenever you finish the job, remember to remove the tools immediately. You don’t want to harm anyone.
  • And, of course, safety comes first. Remember? Gloves, goggles, and dust masks.

Are we done?

Yes, but allow me a minute. You have all the information you need about how to cut the rebars. You should follow the steps. It will be your guidelines to make the job easier. But, never forget to take precautionary measures.

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