Dewalt VS Black and Decker Cordless Drill: A Complete Comparison

One of the power equipment that people who are interested in house repair and maintenance like to use is a cordless drill. The convenience it offers the workforce is the reason behind this. Modern cordless drills are compact in design and lightweight, making it possible to do a range of drilling jobs quickly and effectively.

DeWalt and Black & Decker are two of the most well-known cordless drill brands in the world. They are around the same age and are currently owned by the same business. This article will show the differences between dewalt vs black and decker cordless drill.

The differences include RPM, quality, power, and more. If you have seen these cordless drills in stores and have long wondered which is the superior option, continue reading.

Dewalt vs Black and Decker Cordless Drill: 10 Key Differences

We have talked about all the key differences between dewalt vs black and decker cordless drill in the below guide. By the time this guide is finished, you will know which of the two cordless drills is a better fit for your requirements.

Which Cordless Drill Offers Better RPM?

RPM implies the rotation per minute of the drill. So, the greatest speed that a cordless drill can achieve is indicated by the maximum RPM. The rotations per minute of the drills in this instance differ significantly from one another. Black and Decker’s RPM is only 750, which is one-third of the startling 2250 RPM of the Dewalt cordless drill.

So, what is the benefit of higher RPM? The answer is quite straightforward. It is simpler to push through any item, even harder ones, with more rotation of the drill bits. Another downside of the Black and Decker cordless drill is that it does not have any modes of operation to regulate the torque and RPM. On the contrary, the Dewalt cordless driver offers three operation modes.

These operation modes make it simple for you to adjust the RPM as per the drilling object. Additionally, it will prevent the drill bit from becoming worn out. Therefore, Dewalt once again dominates the battle in terms of rotations per minute.

Comparison Between The Quality Of Dewalt and Black & Decker Cordless Drill

In the power tool industry, it is well known that Black & Decker is frequently a less costly option. According to industry standards, Black & Decker has drawbacks when compared to its more costly competitors because it is the more affordable option. The drawback is that reduced tool costs imply lower product manufacturing value.

The Black & Decker cordless drill isn’t made with the same materials and isn’t as well-made as more expensive brands, thus its estimated lifespan is shorter. On the other hand, the DeWalt cordless drill has substantially superior quality and a longer lifespan.

Although this product can be used at home, it is much better suited for work areas and is constructed with higher-quality materials for durability. With that said, it is rather simple to determine which brand delivers higher quality. DeWalt is without a doubt the better brand in terms of quality.

Which Cordless Drill Has More Power?

The main point of differentiation between these cordless drills as power tools is their power differences. The Dewalt’s maximum power is 300 watts, whereas the Black & Decker’s is 1800 watts. Unexpectedly, though, these two cordless drills have the same 20V. For cordless drills, 20 volts is rather typical and frequently regarded as the industry standard in this case.

It is vital to keep in mind that neither the watts nor the volts accurately depict the performance of the motor. However, the common opinion is that they serve as a fairly reliable indicator. Therefore, there isn’t much of a difference in the case of power here since both drills have more than adequate power for any domestic repair project.

Ergonomics Differentiation between Dewalt and Black & Decker Cordless Drill

Let’s now compare the ergonomics section between both cordless drills. Ergonomics is a crucial issue to take into account as it is strongly associated with the machine’s comfortability. You will want a drill that is lightweight, small, and has enough power to complete the task perfectly. A heavy drill will make you become exhausted quickly.

Even though it doesn’t seem significant, this is where the superior drill seems to be ahead. In terms of weight and form factor, the Dewalt cordless drill is a little more lightweight and small compared to the Black & Decker cordless drill. So, Dewalt comes out on top in the ergonomics section.

Which Drill Offers Better Manufacturing Quality?

Simply put, Black and Decker find it difficult to compete with other brands in terms of manufacturing at the price they offer. In order to keep prices down, Black and Decker choose to use fewer quality considerations, lower-quality components, and less thorough designs.

DeWalt, on the contrary, has a much greater price range. Therefore, you will receive a greater number of the characteristics that Black and Decker are missing. You will get greater manufacturing quality with DeWalt.

Motor Differences between Dewalt and Black & Decker Cordless Drill

Although having the same wattage and voltage, these two drills have different types of motors. The Bland & Decker drill features a brushed motor, while the Dewalt has a brushless motor. Let’s understand how both of these motors operate before discussing the advantages of brushless motors.

Both brushed and brushless motors utilize magnets to spin, but brushless motors get their power from an internal circuit. On the contrary, carbon brushes are used in brushed motors to deliver power. The benefits of brushless motors include lightweight, less power usage, smaller form factor, less heat and friction, more power, and long-lasting.

Brushless motors were previously only found in expensive, high-grade drills. But as more brushless motors are entering the entry-level market, things are progressively shifting.

However, it was somewhat anticipated to find a brushed motor here given that the Black & Decker cordless drill is very affordable. Nevertheless, aside from the budgetary concerns, Dewalt is again the champion in this comparison with a more powerful brushless motor.

Which One Has a Better Warranty?

The longevity and quality of a product have historically been excellently indicated by the warranty, and these drills are no exception. You can use the drills worry-free for a longer amount of time when the warranty period is longer. Two years are covered by Black & Decker’s limited guarantee. You will lose the warranty if the drill was used for anything other than residential use.

That is only one example of how Black and Decker caters to the needs of homeowners instead of professionals. On their cordless drill, DeWalt provides a limited warranty of three years. They do not have any headaches regarding the way the drill was used. So, DeWalt triumphs in the terms of warranty due to the lengthier timeline and fewer restrictions.

Battery Backup Comparison between The Two Cordless Drills

The battery backup a cordless tool receives may determine its performance. No matter how well the drill performs, the battery backup could hinder it because it allows the drill to stop in an emergency. Both drills are run by the same 20-volt lithium-ion battery. Lithium-Ion batteries are always considered better than nickel-cadmium batteries.

It is because of the “memory effect,” which causes nickel-cadmium batteries to slowly lose their max energy capacity. Because of the brushless motor, the Dewalt cordless drill claims to have a remarkably 57% longer runtime compared to a brushed motor. Therefore, the Dewalt cordless drive will give you more juice in the case of battery backup.

Clutch Differences between The Two Cordless Drills

Another crucial component of effective drilling is the clutch, which regulates the drill bit’s working range. When the bit encounters a particular amount of resistance, this clutch disengages the bit. Every drill includes a number of clutch locations that can be altered relying on the place you like the bit to stop.

For different drill models, the clutch locations typically differ. In this case, the best course of action is to purchase a drill with a larger range so that you can have more choices. The Black & Decker drill comes with 24 clutch positions. It is remarkable for a cordless drill at this price point.

However, the Dewalt drill only has 15. Even while the majority of jobs performed with drills do not call for such a broad variety of clutch positions, it’s simpler to adjust the drill task as per the material. Therefore, Black & Decker is the undisputed winner in this instance.

DeWalt vs. Black & Decker: Price Comparison

Black & Decker cordless drills come at less prices than DeWalt cordless drills. Black & Decker cordless drills’ prices range from $30 to 80$. As they are designed for entry-level customers, these drills are cheaper. By keeping the manufacturing costs low, Black & Decker can keep the cost of the products lower for customers who only require them for occasional use.

On the other hand, DeWalt is advertised and produced as a more pricey line of power tools for a more serious worker and a higher caliber of work that requires quality and durability for their jobs. Fewer limitations apply to the projects you can finish using the DeWalt cordless drill.

The concept is that this drill is priced to be too expensive for entry-level purchasers because they don’t require them. DeWalt cordless drills’ prices range from $80 to $250.

Final Verdict

Black & Decker is a company that caters to homeowners and casual customers. Although good for their price, its cordless drills aren’t as well made as those made by DeWalt. Its warranty is shorter and it becomes canceled if the drill is used for anything other than “own use.”

So, if you want cordless drills that work well around the home, Black and Decker is the more affordable, better choice for you. However, you should use DeWalt if you are a professional construction worker that requires dependable cordless drills that can withstand beating on heavy and large professional projects.

Nevertheless, the final decision is yours and we are hopeful that this article on dewalt vs black and decker cordless drill has helped you to take that decision.

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