M12 vs M18 Impact Driver: 8 Key Differences

One of the most well-known cordless power tools on the planet is the impact driver. It is the preferred instrument for fastening and driving applications among craftsmen who work professionally and even recreationally. The impact driver delivers rotational and downward force using a hammering action, which makes working on hard surfaces simple.

In comparison to conventional electric screwdrivers, these tools also feature a better power-to-weight ratio. When it comes to the most reliable and long-lasting impact driver’s brand, the giant brand Milwaukee will come to the top of the list. That may be the cause of the frequent confusion among people over Milwaukee’s m12 and m18 impact drivers. They are unable to choose which one is best for them.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Here, we will discuss the m12 vs m18 impact driver and differentiate the tools in nearly every aspect. These include speed, motor, battery power, usability, maximum torque, etc. In addition, we will let you know what we believe will satisfy the majority of users’ needs. Therefore, stay tuned until the very end.

What Are The Main Differences between the M12 and M18 Impact Driver?

Both of these power tools have received a lot of positive feedback, and customers appear to be very happy with either impact driver. Which one of these two instruments will be more valuable in the long run is the only remaining question at this point.

To help reduce some of the guesswork, here we will differentiate the m12 vs m18 impact driver head to head. Every single detail, including motor type and torque, will be compared in this section to determine what you actually need. So let’s get to the details without further ado.

IPM Differentiation between The Milwaukee M12 and M18 Impact Driver

IPM is an important factor in the differentiation between a Milwaukee m12 and a Milwaukee m18 driver. It is determined by counting the number of hammer-like blows the tool makes to assist the impact driver in driving and removing the screw. We discovered that the Milwaukee m12 impact driver delivers 3,550 IPM.

On the other hand, the Milwaukee m18 impact driver produces about 3,450 IPM for coping with long, difficult nails. As a result, m18 is the best option if you wish to work for a longer time. However, the m12 provides adequate power for nearly all types of applications.

Which Impact Driver Has A Better Motor?

There are typically two different motor types available for impact drivers. They are brushless motors and brushed motors, and we favor brushless motors. Despite being more expensive, they generate less heat and require less maintenance, which significantly increases the power tool’s lifespan. Additionally, brushless motors save the energy of the battery and provide you with a better battery backup.

The m12 impact driver features a brushless motor. As a result, you can get benefit from it for a very long time. On the other hand, the m18 impact driver has a brushed motor. It’s a four-pole motor, which will give you more power.

Buying an impact driver that has a brushed motor doesn’t mean that everything is finished for you. Keep in mind that Milwaukee’s brushed motors are built to maintain prolonged battery life and produce more power than other brushed motors on the market. In addition, the m12 impact driver’s motor is 12V whereas the m18 impact driver’s motor is 18V.

We don’t have any sort of bias in favor of brushless motors. It’s just that you will get more usage out of your impact driver than you will get with brushed ones. Due to this, even though the m18 excels in similar applications as the m12, we prefer the m12 impact driver over the m18 impact driver.

Which Power Tool Has More Torque?

The core of every impact driver is the torque factor. It’s one of the key elements you need to pay attention to. To get a screw out of a tough surface, you only need to apply enough torque. 1200 inch-lbs. of torque are produced by the m12 impact driver. Of all the 12 volts impact drivers, this one has the most torque. However, if you use an m12 low amperes battery pack, the torque will reduce.

So, for best performances, we advise using a 6.0 amp hour m12 battery. On the other hand, the m18 impact driver comes features 1500 inch-lbs. of torque. The additional 300 inch-lbs. of torque is possible because of the 18V battery it has. This extra torque is more suitable for professional project sites and workers with driving and sinking screws more efficiently.

Once more, we observe a slight difference between the m12 impact driver’s lower power and the m18 impact driver’s higher power. In our opinion, the m12 impact driver performs admirably in a variety of settings, including professional work sites, heavy-duty applications, and DIY projects at home.

M12 VS M18 Impact Driver: Usage Differences

Because of its portable and adjustable size, the m12 impact driver has an advantage when it comes to quick construction projects. Its 12V motor is useful for homeowners who wish to handle the work themselves but don’t have heavy-duty tasks. If you’re one of those homeowners who like to do DIY repairs, then the m12 impact driver is the best tool for you.

However, if you want a powerful, heavy, and dependable impact driver to use when performing serious tasks, then you should go for the m18 impact driver. Its batteries and long-running capacity make it a dependable option for professional construction workers.

Battery Comparison between the M12 and M18 Impact Driver?

The m12 impact driver is compatible with 12V batteries that have 1.5, 2, or 3 AH capacity. A heavy-duty battery with 3, 4, or 6 AH is also available for this impact driver. The batteries of the m12 impact driver provide overload protection and are very versatile. In addition, the batteries have a rubber base that helps them to stay stable when they aren’t in use.

When we think about the m18 impact driver, it is compatible with an 18 volts battery of three kinds. They are Red lithium Demand, Red lithium CP, and Red lithium XC. High performance is a hallmark of Redlink batteries. They are appropriate for heavy-duty tasks.

Also, there are about 6 volts difference between these two impact drivers’ battery packs, which makes a significant difference between them. Furthermore, the m12 impact driver cannot be used with the batteries of the m18 impact driver.

Weight Differences between the M12 and M18 Impact Driver

Impact drivers have a number of great advantages, including their lightweight, compact structure, which is ideal for one-hand use in awkward angles and confined spaces. Weight is a vital consideration when it comes to transportable tools like impact drivers. With the battery, the m12 impact driver weighs about 2.6 lbs. When compared to its competitors, that is far better.

This makes it easier for users to use the overhead and at various angles without getting tired or cramped. On the flip side, the m18 impact driver is roughly 3.1 lbs. It is substantially heavier than the m12 impact driver, particularly when working at awkward angles or heights or high places, but it will not make your day miserable.

For certain users who like a lightweight but robust impact driver, the extra weight can be considered a bonus. However, if you don’t require the additional torque and power of the m18 impact driver, then you can choose the m12 impact driver.

Finally, we honestly can’t tell any difference between 2.6 lbs and 3.1 lbs. Neither of these tools, when fastened to your belt, will make it difficult for you to climb ladders or make you tired after prolonged use. We also are unable to distinguish any weight differences between the m12 impact driver and the m18 impact driver during overhead operation.

Which Impact Driver Has More Speed?

When buying impact drivers, it is also crucial to consider the speed rating, which includes the RPM, trigger, and variable speed. The m12 impact driver comes with a speed of 2,650 RPM. However, depending on what you are doing, you can pick between two-speed settings on the m12 impact driver’s motor, which are low and high. You can adjust the distance between the two gears by using the trigger.

The m18 impact driver also has a similar two-speed setting which you can regulate with the trigger. The difference is that it has a higher speed of 2,750 RPM. There is only a 100 RMP change, which is a negligibly little differentiation. However, if you approach it professionally, 100 rpm might offer a lot of benefits.

This variation of just 100 rpm makes a difference when you are trying to sink screws into any hard material. However, most people don’t require additional speed until they undertake a project using hard materials. You don’t have to break the bank to get the m18 impact driver if you only intend to use the tool only for household projects.

Which Impact Driver is More Affordable?

The m12 impact driver is comparatively cheaper than the m18 impact driver. The price, however, can also be influenced by the particular model and any extra accessories that come with it. The m12 impact driver comes with a price between $35 and $195.

On the flip side, the price of the m18 impact driver ranges from $60 to $210. So, if you wish to reduce costs, then the m12 impact driver is the preferable option.

M12 vs M18 Impact Driver: Which One Will be Best for You?

Milwaukee is a trusted source of cost-effective, high-quality power tools. Due to their outstanding performance, the m12 and m18 impact drivers rank the highest in the best power tool category. After comparing the key differences between these two impact drivers, we came to the conclusion that the m12 impact driver would be more appealing to a wider audience.

Thus, it will provide its customers with greater value. First of all, brushless motors will always be superior to brushed motors, regardless of any fancy upgrades that are added to the brushed ones. Secondly, we agree that the m18 impact driver is more powerful and quicker than the m12 impact driver. But we discover that the majority of users, including professionals and even DIY-ers, will not use entry-level impact drivers like these to do the most difficult tasks. On the other hand, the m12 impact driver is simply a better power tool for the majority of applications where you will require one on hand. We believe that after reading this article on the m12 vs m18 impact driver, you can choose one of them.

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