How to Remove Drill Bit Stuck in Impact Driver: Expert Tips

Impact drivers use various drill bit types to do additional tasks. But if a drill bit gets trapped in the impact driver, there is a precise way to remove it.

For many users, getting a drill bit trapped in an impact driver may be a stressful issue, especially when time is of the matter, and the project has a tight deadline. This problem has many potential causes, including user error and tool wear and tear.

Drill Bit that Usually Stuck in Impact Driver

Impact drivers use various drill bit types to do additional tasks. But if a drill bit gets trapped in the impact driver, there is a precise way to remove it.

Screwdriver Bits: The typical “flat head” sorts of screwdriver bits are used for driving/installing screws using a screwdriver. This contrasts with crosshead or hex bits, typically used with power tools like drills and drivers.

River Bits: The best twist drill bits produced in the USA are river bits. The River bit may be used to drill holes in metal and wood. This river bit eliminates debris more quickly than regular drill bits because of its sharp cutting point. It is specifically designed to create spotless holes in metal sheets.

Small Bit: Less than one inch in diameter is considered little drill bits. Tiny drill bits are used to make tiny holes in slim pieces of metal. Tiny drill bits come in handy when you need to drill a hole precisely where you want it in small metal pieces that would otherwise not fit a regular screwdriver bit.

In addition to drilling holes in wood, this kind of drill bit is also used to drill holes in wood. It frequently becomes trapped in impact drivers.

Installer Bits: Professional remodelers, contractors, and others utilize installer drill bits, which are high-performance drill bits, to make holes in tile, stone, and glass and holes for piping, switches, outlets, and other things.


Reasons Responsible for Drill Bit Stuck In Impact Driver

  • Although it’s one of the leading causes of a jammed drill bit, many individuals neglect to oil the chuck properly. It is much better to slide out and slide it with a bit of drill when it is frequently oiled.
  • The chuck becomes too tight due to the high vibration that occurs more frequently while drilling. The drill bit will then become stuck, and you won’t be able to remove it at that point.
  • Another frequent cause is poor upkeep. After a predetermined amount of time, an impact driver needs to be cleaned. If not, the level of dust buildup increases, and jamming occurs.
  • Use the proper drill bits for your impact driver; don’t show off your stupidity! I observed that many folks made the grave error of employing the incorrect bits and became locked in an impact driver.

Ways to Remove a Stuck Bit from an Impact Driver

With Pliers

  • The ability to grip the bit firmly with pliers will be crucial for turning the stuck-on bit counterclockwise.
  • Refrain from exerting your whole strength when pushing or pulling! Try to be kind to make the chore of taking it off go smoothly.
  • You will need to release pressure on that piece of bit slightly, and you can remove the drill bit much more safely from your impact drive that way. Once more, remember that if you apply too much pressure, the bit could crack inside the chuck.

Wires are used

  • To complete the task, take the wire you have gathered.
  • Wrap the wire around the chuck as tightly as possible by pulling it back a little.
  • Once you notice that the wire has a firm grip on the impact driver’s mouth, all you need to do is pull the drill bit, and voilà! It emerged, and wasn’t that simpler than it seemed?

Precautions to Take to Avoiding a Stuck Drill Bit

Preventative steps are crucial to avoid a drill bit trapped in the impact driver.

Employ the Proper Bit: Verify that your drill bit is the appropriate size and type for the task. The wrong bit can get caught in the chuck if it is used.

Correct Insertion: To guarantee that the drill bit is held firmly in place, insert it into the chuck properly. The bit may become loose due to improper insertion, resulting in it becoming caught in the chuck.

Frequent Maintenance: Cleaning and inspecting the tool regularly might assist in identifying any faults before they worsen. Rust and debris buildup in the tool’s chuck can also be avoided by properly storing and maintaining the device.



Q1.Can I use force to get a stuck drill bit out of my impact driver?

It’s not advised to use too much power to free a stuck drill bit because doing so could harm the chuck or the impact driver. Try some of the aforementioned techniques to loosen the chuck and safely remove the drill bit.

Q2.What steps can you take to stop a drill bit from becoming stuck in a hole?

Instead of producing chips, soft materials like aluminum and brass produce long spirals of swarf. This can make your bit stuck. Take a break every 10 to 15 seconds or so to prevent this. A break entails stopping drilling, turning the bit counterclockwise to break up the swarf, removing the bit to remove any remaining chips, and restarting drilling.

Q3.Why does the drill keep jamming?

The drill is rotating in the wrong direction, which is the most frequent cause of a drill completely failing to penetrate a wall. The usual culprit is a metal plate or masonry obstruction if the drill bit enters the wall but then encounters resistance.

Q4.Can I use lubricants to keep my impact driver from becoming jammed up with drill bits?

 Sure, you can prevent drill bits from getting stuck by lubricating the chuck of your impact driver with a small quantity of silicone spray or WD-40. To avoid it getting on your workpiece, make sure to wipe off any extra lubricant.

Q5.Is avoiding an impact driver being jammed with a drill bit is feasible?

A drill bit can get trapped in an impact driver, but you can do a few things to avoid this. Prior to tightening the chuck excessively, check to see that the drill bit is put directly into the chuck. Moreover, be sure to use the proper size drill bit for the impact driver; otherwise, the drill bit risked being stuck.


Although it might be annoying when a drill bit becomes stuck in an impact driver, you can safely and effectively remove the bit using the techniques described in this article. You may prevent the problem from occurring again by taking precautions like using the right bit and keeping the instrument in good working order. To prevent injury to yourself or harm to the tool, keep safety procedures in mind when withdrawing the drill bit.

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